Giving Away the First L.A. Arts District
Worst Landlord Award to the Sleazist & Most Dishonest Landlord
I've Ever Had, Los Angeles Developer Paul Solomon !

Paul Solomon, you're an egregious, impetuous, sleazy, self serving jackass and the worst piece of shit landlord an artist could be cursed with in the Los Angeles Arts District.  You and your partner Alan Schneider and his son, your pathetic excuse for a manger, daddy's little boy, the vandalizing liar, David (always looks stoned) Schneider, are lying sleazy con artists that have blatantly and willfully defrauded me!  And that's exactly what you assholes did!  You scum bags made my life a living hell for the last two years with your fraudulent and illegal commercial use of the Artist in Residence unit directly next to my studio just so you self serving money hungry plutocrat's could make a few bucks more at my expense and you're all pathetic sleazy douche bags for doing so. Your actions were malicious and purposeful and to suit your own ends!  You pulled a blatant bate and switch on me just like any sleazy con artist, renting me a creative live / work space and then turning it into any artist's worst commercial nightmare and right under my feet, in the heart of what is supposed to be the Los Angeles Arts District, you asshole!  YOU'RE A SLEAZY SELF SERVING SCUM BAG, Solomon!  You're a fucking despicable con artist as far as I'm concerned, not a landlord!  You have no respect for your artist tenants or their families and I have no respect for a self serving sleazy piece of shit like you!  Fuck you from the bottom of my heart!  You and your cronies are all pathetic sleazy assholes, and you are here by personally awarded the worst landlord in the arts district, an award of slime and shame you well deserve.  Sit on it and rotate sleaze ball!

David G.
Did you comply you self serving son of a bitch?  NO!!!  PATHETIC ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!
An Editorial Response To "'s" article about Paul Solomon's new "Walnut" project in the LA Arts District.

"DEVELOPER PAUL SOLOMON" An Artist's Worst Nightmare

Having been an artist in the LA arts district for 30 years, I had the unfortunate experience of having developer Paul Solomon as a landlord.  And I use the term "landlord" loosely.   Slumlord would be much more appropriate.  Paul Solomon was a nightmare as a landlord for any artist and I would warn all potential tenants thinking about moving into one of his buildings to stay away from any artist loft under his management!  Paul Solomon does not care about his artist tenants.  He's just a self serving plutocrat trying to make more money for himself and that's a verifiable fact. 

These are all verifiable facts and can be found in legal documents posted on, and Paul Solomon illegally allowed the Artist in Residence at 806 E. 3rd St., the loft directly next to my studio, to be used as a noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse by Wurstkuche Restaurant next door, and literally disrupted my life and all the actual artist that were trying to live and work around this 24 hour illegal nightmare.  Paul Solomon and the owners of Wurstkuche were cited by the city of Los Angeles for that illegal use but to date have never complied with the city's "Order to Comply".

Again, Paul Solomon  was cited by the city of Los Angeles for the illegal use, but refused to stop it because he didn't want to give up the commercial rates that rental was creating for him.  Solomon screwed the artist's actually trying to live and work there!  Is that the kind of landlord an artist or anyone for that matter wants?  That's just sleazy!  I literally had to move out of my studio because Paul Solomon and the owners of Wurstkuche made my life and my loft an unlivable 24 hour nightmare, and did so in what was supposed to be the heart of the LA Arts District. 

That is Paul Solomon's legacy to the Arts District.  He can build all AIR's he wants, that will not change who he is as a person.  And in my opinion, he's a sleazy self serving slumlord and I warn any artist to stay away from any so called artist building he is a part of. 

-LA Artist, David Goldner

Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson Lose Their Frivolous Defamation Law Suit

I just got the actual court ruling in the mail and posted it as a PDF below.  The judge did get it exactly right.  She seemed to understood perfectly and even explained the situation I was put in and got it right on the button!  I'm actually amazed by the intuitiveness of this ruling.  And according to the judge, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson actually testified and she got them to confirmed in court the truths in my blogs between my well deserved castigations or opinions as the case may be.  She even got them to admit that they still don't have a proper permit to be using that legal Artist in Residence at 808 E. 3rd. St. as a fucking illegal 24 hour noisy commercial nightmare warehouse for Wurstkuche Restaurant!  SLEAZY SELF SERVING PATHETIC SCUM BAGS!  There are no more artist around them to complain anymore!  They are the Anti-Artists of the LA Arts District.

Anyway, they deservingly lost there harassment suit against me for calling them just that.  Here's the ruling for anyone that cares...

COURT RULING 10/15/2012


POSTED 7/14/2010
When the last artist is gone, the last loft turned retail, commercial or condo by the money hungry landlords like Paul Solomon, will the city of Los Angeles still try and call this downtown area the "Arts District"?

A blog letter to Los Angeles Developer & Arts District Slumlord Paul Solomon...

After laying in bed, trying to fall asleep for 3 hours now, I can't!  Do you know why?  Because every 2 minutes the commercial business you've allowed to move into this Artist In Residence loft right next to me in 808 is dragging kegs and restaurant supplies in and out, in and out, in and out!  It is now 3:00 am in the morning and it is a fucking revolving door that still hasn't stopped!  This is just bullshit!   I live here, remember!?  This is an AIR building isn't it??  This is actually effecting my health and my peace of mind!  What the fuck don't you get??   You can't put a noisy 24 hour warehouse next to a residence!  This is what you have forced me to deal with every fucking night now for well over a year!  And neither you or your new moron of a manager, David Schneider, your mobsteresk partner Allen Schneider's "do nothing but lie to me" son, who is never here and has not done one damn thing except continue to lie to me about stopping Wurstkuche's disruptive nightmare use of an artist loft as a noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse!  That's supposed to be an artist's loft you inconsiderate self serving asshole!  But the way... why does David Schneider always look stoned out of his mind to me when he does show up?  Appointing David Schnieder as manager is a perfect reflection of your "I don't give a damn" attitude, which also seems to be your own personal on going policy of how you treat your artist tenants.

You told me you wanted to turn this space retail the first year I moved in here.  But while someone is still living here?  It has become very obvious to me that you just don't give a damn and are actually trying to drive me out of this studio so you can turn this space into retail or a commercial space just to make a few more bucks and now, not have to comply with LADBS or LAMC noise ordinance codes with regards to me living next to it.  This is the same "screw the artist" mentality that I got from the gallery that just killed me, and the same mentality that has gotten most of America into the financial hole it's now in!  Kick 'em when they're down, right?  And that is exactly what you did Paul.  Rima Fine Art defrauded me just weeks before you served me and I asked you personally for your help to set up a show or two to help me catch up, didn't I?  But you didn't even give me the courtesy of a response, and management knew I was just days out of the hospital for my hip surgery when you served me!  Like I said.  You kicked me when I was down rather then even consider helping.  And haven't answered one email from me.  So I'm posting this as a blog instead of wasting my time sending it to you.  I got tired of getting shit on this past year by everyone, including Linear City and that's why I'm fighting back, win or loose!

The first 3 years I was here, my neighbor in 808, Jeb, was running a rock and roll recording studio and had 4 people living in back, and I never had one noise problem!  But just like you did to me after my first year here, you refused to give Jeb a new lease and chased him away after being in that space for 12 years.  I have complained to you and Linear City in writing since the first week you rented that newly gutted, un-insulated space as a metal shop for Wurstkuche's construction.  Allowing them to literally grind metal and do heavy construction in there right next to me, again, with no more insulation in the walls, and no consideration for me what so ever.  The noise was so loud I literally had to leave my studio multiple times.  The manager at that time, Frank, assured me Linear City or the new tenants would be insulating the walls.  Frank also assured me that Linear City would make sure the tenants in there would comply with the residential hours of an AIR building.  BULLSHIT!   LIES!  ALL FUCKING LIES!  Never happened!

You have tortured me!  Forcing me to endure their intrusive construction, their none stop traffic and now the never ending banging of metal beer kegs well into the night, 24 / 7 for well over a year now.  And despite my complaints, neither Linear City or any management you appointed have done one damn thing to stop it, constrain the hours, or insulate to muffle the noise!  You have allowed them to make 808 an illegal extension of their restaurant with absolutely no consideration for the fact that I actually live right next to it on the other side of a thin plaster wall!  They have done nothing but bring noise and 24 hour disruptive activity in what was, and still should be, a peaceful creative artist environment!  You have done absolutely nothing to enforce the residential aspect of this Artist In Residence building.  Nothing!  This is a total breach of quiet enjoyment of this space and at this point I actually wish I never moved in here!  All I've gotten from you and Linear City is broken promises, bullshit appeasement, pass the buck game playing and out right blatant lies since I moved in here!  And despite my complaints, you haven't done one damn thing to change or rectify this situation except to look for an opportunity to evict me rather then lift one fucking finger to help in any way!!

My first impression of you that I blogged about in 2008 was right on the button and it seems that everything my x-neighbors Jeb and Todd said about you was absolutely true!  You don't give a fuck about the artists in the arts district!  All you give a damn about is how to make money off of us.  This became even more apparent when I saw the tiny cubicles you are renting as "artist work spaces" in your building on Industrial.   They are nothing more then fucking closets!  Tiny cubicles with 4 walls and a door!  Gee.  You put a lot of care and thought into that one, didn't you?

You are by far one of the most self centered inconsiderate landlords I or any artist could ever have!  And that is my experience.  You have tortured me with your lack of consideration and it has, and continues to, effect my health, my peace of mind, my work and my ability to just get a fucking nights sleep!  Something I should be doing right now rather then writing this blog at 3:00 AM!

--David G.

POSTED: January 13, 2008

After a money hungry developer turned my last AIR (Artist in Residence) studio at 2121 7th Pl. into a condo for Yuppies, and rudely through all the actual artists out, without compensation or conscience I may ad, I moved just a few blocks away to 808 1/2 E. 3rd St. . A long time AIR loft now owned by Paul Solomon and his company LinearCity. Would you believe that lightning has struck me two times in a row?!

Despite being very clear to LinearCity's agent and Paul Solomon personally that I was looking for a long term live/work space, as well as fully explaining the costly situation I had just come from at 2121, Paul Solomon and LinearCity are now contemplating turning my particular Studio into a retail store, and yes, throwing me out just 18 months after I moved in here! I am just devastated even thinking that I actually may get screwed by another Arts District landlord for the second time in two years! This particular studio has been an Artist in Residence loft in the heart of the Arts District for over 20 years. And a photography studio for a good part of that! I think it is unconscionable that Paul Solomon is even thinking about this after letting me move in here. I could not have been clearer to him and LinearCity's agent what could and especially what could not happen if I moved in here, especially after just going through the forced eviction at 2121. I literally said to Paul Solomon personally: "If you are going to turn this place into a condo or throw me out after the first lease, tell me now, because this is not the right place for me." Considering they called me back and then handed me a lease, I now feel I have been blatantly lied to, betrayed and defrauded by Paul Solomon and his management company LinearCity. They have refused to renew my lease and forced me into a month to month situation at my protest. I never ever would have even considered moving in here if they had been honest with me from the start or even given me a hint that they were thinking about doing this.

It seems the artist in the arts district are fighting a loosing battle with self serving landlords like this that seem to have no conscience or ethics. Their wallets are the bottom line and the only thing that seem to matter to them. I'm just a struggling artist but I'm paying more rent for this studio already than I have ever paid anywhere in my life. And despite making millions on the Mill Street Lofts, the Biscuit Lofts and Toy Factory Lofts, it's apparently not enough for Paul Solomon who apparently needs to make a few dollars more a month from my particular unit, while pushing me into personal and financial turmoil with a second forced eviction in the same amount of years. I think this is unconscionable and I can't believe this is actually being done to me again. What makes it even worse is Paul Solomon's blatent complacentcy and his apparent lack of any conscience about what this will do to my business or me personally. Especially knowing I was looking for long term and that I was just forced out of my last loft for the condo conversion before moving in here!

What is even more perplexing is the fact that this loft would need tons of work if it were to be any kind of a retail store and it comes with absolutely no parking! I have no idea what they are thinking.
My last eviction inspired the no yuppies logo...

Posted 10/29/10
Vandalized by Paul Solomon's sycophant manager,
David Schneider and his puppet company, ADS Development Co. LLC
(I guess vandalizing and harassing your tenants is a theme in the arts district, at least for Paul Solomon and his worthless management!)

If I thought my management company was sleazy before, this new action just took them to a new level of tawdriness.  I sued them for breech of quiet enjoyment because they weren't being considerate of me and what is their response?  They act even worse!  In a totally vindictive move, David Schneider, the manager of my AIR building just vandalized my property!  This is something I'd expect from a spoiled child, not the manager of my building.

I have had signs up above my door for years now, almost since I moved in here that advertise my business.  They are just heavy paper and I change them all the time with a change in design.  They are attached by nothing more then double stick tape, not permanent, nor do they physically effect the building.  But today, after coming back from a short walk with my dogs, I found my signs torn down and shoved under my door into my studio with a note from David Schneider saying I have no right to post a sign above my door.  This was nothing more then a blatantly vindictive sleazy childish petty attempt to get back at me for suing him as management for "Breech of quiet enjoyment" and for trying to put the building under rent stabilization where it belongs.  I have collected all the paper work, and according to my attorney, this building very well should be under rent stabilization and that I have been paying too much rent under that ordinance.  But the management is not complying, nor do they seem to want to take me back to court to prove I'm wrong. 

David, you have no fucking conscience and your lack of consideration for me as a tenant and one of the few actual artists left in this so called AIR building is just fucking appalling!  This act of vandalism by you was nothing more then vindictive.  And so far, that has been the definition of your management skills.  Or do you think painting the "No Smoking" sign off the wall between me and the restaurant was your idea of being considerate??

David Schneider didn't rip down the sign that my neighbor in this building is displaying over his door at 820 E. 3rd..  A sign hung by actually drilling holes into the building to add hooks.  I wonder why?  Nor did he rip down the sign that my other neighbor has up on the wall at 808 E. 3rd St..  Both units are part of this building.  Only mine.  Gee... do you think that is because I just sued him for "Breech of quite enjoyment"?  Of course!

David Schneider is a petty excuse for a landlord and just showed me he is also a pathetic vindictive childish jackass.  But I guess with Paul Solomon and his overbearing father Allen Schneider as mentors, that was bound to be the case.  David Schneider has not had one ounce of respect or consideration for me or any other tenant in this building since he took over as the manager.  The only thing he and the owners of this building care about is their over priced bottom line.  And in court the other day, David stood and said nothing while his father did all the talking for him.  He was handed this job by daddy and it is clear to me that he thinks he can flip people like he said he used to flip houses.  David, you have no fucking clue to what it's like to struggle as an artist!  Nor does you father or Paul Solomon!  And you don't have a hint of compassion or consideration between you.

You had absolutely no right to vandalize my property and you are lucky I didn't catch you actually doing it or I would have called the police and pressed charges for what you did!  And if you do it again, be assured I will file charges against you.  I have just as much right to display a sign over my door for my business as my neighbors in 820 do.  And if you didn't want them up, you never even asked me to take them down.  You just acted like a thug and ripped them down from over my door vindictively!  That's pure bullshit and just blatant harassment!  If you think I'm wrong about the rent stabilization, then why aren't we going to court to prove it?  You think you're going to harass me out of here instead?

My signs were taped to the wall, not permanently fixed and did not effect your building.  You had no right to vandalize them and you know it and they are now back above my door but now not attached to the wall, where they have been for years before you got here!  Destroy my property again and I will file vandalism charges and take you back to court for your petty bullshit harassment.

--David G.

Posted 1/25/11

When the last artist is gone, the last loft turned retail, commercial or condo by the money hungry
landlords, will the city of Los Angeles still try and call this downtown area the "Arts District"?

You know, this is the most intolerable thing I have ever been through and the city of Los Angeles has done absolutely nothing to stop it in two years.  And dispite winning my court case against the inconsiderate yuppie pricks that own Wurstkuche, the police still do absolutely nothing to stop the late night noise when called.  The LADBS sited Wurstkuche and my landlord Paul Solomon and then have done absolutely nothing since to enforce their order or stop the illegal activity at 808 E. 3rd St..  Jan Perry and the city council hide their heads in the sand and have done nothing to stop this or even intervene in any way.  I think you are all totally impotent and worthless!  I think you're all pathetic!  This is my 4th Artist In Residence in 25 years and I guarantee the next loft I get will not be in this City's so called Arts district.  This is no longer a creative environment for artists.  You have all recklessly let it become a developers haven for condos and inconsiderate self serving assholes, like the two douche bag owners of Wurstkuche who have come here and totally disrupted my life!  To call this the Arts District is total hypocrisy and that legacy now belongs to you all!  You do nothing for the actual artists.  Hope you're all proud.

--David Goldner

POSTED 7/27/2010

Jan Perry
Los Angeles City Council

I am posting this on my blog as well.  I'm an artist living in an Artist in Residence building that is not complying with LADBS codes.  Linear City, owned by Paul Solomon and Allen Schneider has been allowing a commercial client, Wurstkuche Restaurant, to rent the live / work unit next to me in 808 E. 3rd St., and use it commercially as a warehouse and an extension of their restaurant at 800 E. 3rd, next door, on a 24 hour basis.  I am the artist that actually lives in 808 1/2 E. 3rd, next door to 808.  I have complained and complained to the management, to the restaurant renting it,  Wurstkuche.  To the police senior lead in my area...  But nothing has stopped this.  Their 24 hour activity in this unit has been, and continues to be totally disruptive and using it late night is totally incompatible with residential as LADBS code 91.8501.4. states.  But for almost 18 months now with this restaurants success, this has gone on and grown into a monster!  And the only enforcement the LADBS has recommended to me, is that I personally file a law suit against the landlord and those involved!  And after multiple written complaints to my senior lead, the police have said that they can do nothing.  So I have to file a law suit?  That's the city's answer to me?  Don't you think that's absurd?!   The city won't enforce their own laws?  All I've gotten is the pass the buck game since I've asked for help with this.

This is an AIR building and supposed to be a creative live / work space, and a commercial business can not use it on a 24 hours basis.  Hours of operation in a residential building has to be enforced!  The city needs to enforce their codes and help the artist who are being taken advantage of constantly by landlords.  I know that Paul Solomon who owns my building is getting more for that space and that is why they are not lifting a finger to stop the Restaurant's usage.  They would rather throw me out and turn this space retail as well, and have told me that to my face.  I have no doubt they are trying to annoy me away!  So basically I'm getting screwed by an inconsiderate none artist neighbor and a money hungry retail minded landlord that doesn't care!  Why are the actual Artist's in the Arts District the last ones thought about in this terrible economy!  Please help!

That said, and to be honest, because I'm not expecting any cavalry, I'm actually taking the city's advice and filing the first law suit this week.  I sent the letter below today and will be following it up with action this week.  The owners of Wurstkuche have become arrogant with their success and don't care if they wake me all hours of the night or early morning by using that unit as a warehouse.  At this point, the suit may not even stop them.  But being kept awake every night and then woken again almost every morning has effected my health, peace of mind, and my work and it has to stop, or at the least be paid for!

These guys come to the art's district and don't care about the actual artist living next to them.  I'm an artist and I have have had 5 lofts in the arts district in the last 30 years.  When the last artist is actually gone from this area, the last loft turned retail or condo to make a few dollars more for some landlord, will the city still call this area the LA Arts District?  Who is the city attracting when the landlords are aloud to chase us off like this?

-David Goldner

Well, I was inspired to do another graphic and have gotten permission to do it as a mural down the block from me on 3rd Street.

I would never have put myself in a position to be thrown out on a 30 day notice! I had so much planned this year that the last move put off once already. And again, I was very clear to Paul Solomon personally what could and could not happen if I moved in here. He and the LinearCity agent absolutely lead me to believe that I should feel comfortable moving in here. But for the second time in two years, a landlord in the arts district is putting their wallets before the artists. I moved back downtown to start a new business and have literally been screwed by one, now maybe two landlords in a row. This is my life they are fucking with! Myself and all the artists down here for that matter are not god damn Monopoly pieces to be shuffeled around by landlords and developers who just want to make a few dollars more! 
Although I hope I did not ramble here, I could probably say much more! 

-David Goldner